Yamaha TP8300R Set


The top-of-the-line timpani series features cambered hammered copper bowls and the pedal balance spring system. The cambered bowls deliver ample volume as well as optimum resonance and decay. The lineup includes 24-inch and 27-inch models for expanded musical potential.
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Yamaha Remo Renaissance
Cambered Hammered Copper
Pedal Balance Spring System
Tuning Key, Allen Wrench, Head Protector
In addition to the 23-inch and 26-inch sizes, the lineup has been expanded with 24-inch and 27-inch sizes, providing a broader range of choices to match the music being played as well as the player’s preferences. More choice means greater potential for musical expression.
Range C – AB, 24”, Range A – F 27″, Range F – DB 29″, Range D – B 32″ .
Specially designed hammering machines faithfully simulate the hand hammering process while eliminating the unavoidable inconsistencies of handwork. The goal was not only to improve efficiency, but more importantly to recreate the technique of master craftsmen. The result is bowls that exude hand-made warmth.

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