Yamaha GP Horn Mouthpiece


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Mouthpiece for French Horn
  • Heavy
  • Gold-plated edge and inner bore
  • Standard contour
  • Standard thickness
  • Standard cup depth (2 cups)
  • Bore: 4.40 mm
  • Halfway back hole
Model 30-GP:
  • Inner diameter: 17.08 mm
  • Characteristics: Smaller rim diameter than the 31. All-round mouthpiece. Shallow U cup facilitates high tones, V cup facilitates low tones.
Model 31-GP:
  • Inner diameter: 17.28 mm
  • Characteristics: Medium rim construction ensures relief in difficult passages. Relatively wide bore provides a heavy, slightly deep tone with extra volume
Model 32-GP:
  • Inner diameter: 17.48 mm
  • Characteristics: Larger rim diameter than 31. Safe in the lower register. Large cup depth for a colourful, mature sound.

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