Showtec Showmaster 24 MKII


Lighting Console The Showmaster 24 MKII can control 24 channels, either via two banks with 12 faders or via a bank with 24 faders. You can program 48 scenes or chases with 999 steps or a loop with a total of 11988 steps. The programs can be played either automatically or via an external or internal music input. The lightshow can also be controlled via the built-in MIDI interface to play lightshows in real time in accordance with your music.
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  • 24 Control channels
  • 48 scenes
  • 48 Chase programs with 999 steps
  • 2 independent, continuos crossfader
  • 3-Digit LCD display
  • MIDI In / Out
  • Audio Input
  • DMX inversion
  • DMX output
  • side panels and power supply

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